Success Stories

Reducing Costs through Enhanced Market Intelligence

Manufacturer Lowers Express Freight Spending via No-Risk Benchmarking Service. In this success story, you will learn about Prime Advantage's Cost Benchmarking Service that is offered to its Members and how your organization could potentially benefit.

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Industry Insight Drives Operational Cost Savings

See how Prime Advantage's Cost Benchmarking Service helped a food equipment manufacturer compare their current UPS freight costs against a national database of similar-sized organizations with equivalent usage rates.

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GPO Helps Food Equipment Manufacturer Drive Growth in Education and Healthcare Markets

Buying group leads manufacturer to productive relationships with key suppliers, leading to key product improvements, important price controls and continued success serving school systems.

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Solving Production Issues through Buying Group Conference

Foodmaker fixes packaging problem, clears production bottleneck and cuts material costs.

Press Coverage:, Material Handling & Logistics, Packaging World

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Networking at Conference Leads to Immediate and Long-Term Savings

Ultrafryer Systems needed a solution that would provide access to a network of top performing suppliers and help the company to save time on the identification, evaluation, and selection process of these suppliers.

Press Coverage: Quality Magazine

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Strengthening Buying Power

Stellar Industries amplifies its prowess through reduced costs, supply chain depth and best practices.

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Material Cost Reduction

California-based manufacturer achieves significant savings in stainless steel by avoiding nickel surcharges.

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Working Together to Find a Quality Solution

Prime Advantage Member Roll Rite was experiencing an equipment rusting issue within its production system. Exposure to salt water air during the transit time shipping across the ocean caused the issue. Find out how membership in the Prime Advantage buying group resulted in a great solution.

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Receiving Savings and Improved Customer Service

Through Prime Advantage membership, Wood Stone Corporation was able to lower employee uniform costs, and receive better customer service.

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Finding Solutions and Professional Network Growth through GPO Conference

Roll Rite regularly attends the Prime Advantage Conferences for an efficient way to reach out to a diverse group of Endorsed Suppliers in a short time period.

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Success Story: GPO Membership Helps Manage Supplier Network and Drive Risk Out of the Supply Chain

Prime Advantage Endorsed Supplier riskmethods helps Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc. preserve on-time deliveries, save serious money, and keep its product line humming.

Effective buying groups like Prime Advantage provide access to quality partners who can solve issues and mitigate risk in the supply chain, allowing purchasing managers to rest easy at night.

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