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Reduce Risk

Buying Groups Reduce Supply Chain Risk

How are you guarding against all of the risk factors that can impact your supply chain? Globally, common risk factors that can significantly impact supply chains include natural disasters; conflict and political unrest, sudden demand shocks, export and import restrictions, terrorism and more. That's a lot to consider, let alone having measures in place to address each one.

Endorsed Suppliers in Prime Advantage successfully pass through a two-step process that ensures best in class performance and risk mitigation. The first step is a comprehensive Supplier audit accompanied by committee approval, to gain access into the group. Once in the group, Endorsed Suppliers are evaluated annually by Members through our Supplier Evaluation, which is an online platform that ensures timely feedback on critical parameters such as quality, service, delivery, technical support, risk mitigation, and competitiveness.

Membership provides...

  • Partnerships with qualified and audited Suppliers
  • Ability to build Supplier depth within categories
  • Conferences to meet with senior-level executives at Suppliers

"The Prime Advantage national account managers spend quite a bit of time in our factory working with us and collaborating and creating the relationships between Prime Advantage, the Members and Endorsed Suppliers that really make it work."
— Rio DeGennaro, Cres Cor


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