Improve Margins

Improve Margins

We believe optimizing costs in your supply chain separates the good from the great. And, in the ever-changing landscape of business, Procurement's role is becoming more prominent. As the leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for mid-market manufacturing firms, we're proud to be a strategic partner helping our Members achieve this goal.

We believe that channeling more volume to fewer top performing Suppliers, in raw materials, components, services and supplies, helps drive unnecessary cost from the system, and establishes long-lasting trusted relationships. As the leading GPO for manufacturing firms, that's exactly what we do.

Our approach is simple and yet extremely effective. Members in Prime Advantage have access to savings programs we've negotiated with our world-Class Endorsed Suppliers. These programs take the form of up-front discounts or rebates that are paid back annually.

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"Prime Advantage has been able to help us further negotiate and carry more leverage with our Suppliers than we would have been able to do on our own."
—Rio DeGennaro, Cres Cor


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