Real Savings

Tired of Health Benefits Sticker Shock?

We're leading the charge to reverse the trend of rising healthcare costs for companies and employees.

The Prime Advantage Healthcare Program is designed especially for our Members. Not only does it increase employee health and wellness at no out of pocket cost, but it also immediately reduces the price tag of their major medical coverage.

An Integrated Approach

Our program fuses together four key components to achieve health and savings:

Health Insurance to cover major medical issues, Supplemental Insurance to cover gaps and events related to medical issues and lost wages, a proven Wellness Program that prevents medical problems and improves well-being of employees, and a robust Online Platform that enables smooth enrollment and management.

We assemble each piece with in-person, on-site enrollment teams that assist and educate existing and transitioning employees through the program.


All Gain No Pain

Whether you're fully-insured or self-insured, our program guarantees significant premium reduction in the first year, incremental savings in the second year and beyond, little to no disruption in your provider network, and a seamless platform to enroll and manage benefits.


As a Member, you will experience a premium savings of 10-35% in the first year.




We offer Major Medical, Dental & Vision, Supplemental Insurance options, and a fun ROI-driven Wellness program that improves employee health in the long-term.


Provider Networks

The entire United States map is covered by our healthcare provider networks. We want employees to be aligned with the doctors and providers of their choice.



Our wellness program offers end-to-end customization for each participant, access to a personal Health Coach, and engaging health improvement strategies based on clinical science in preventative medicine.


Tools for Human Resources

Your Human Resources department can lean on our team to meet one-on-one with each employee to offer a complete education on benefits and enrollment. Our online platform also delivers an easy-to-use, one-stop shop to deliver and manage the program.

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