We Believe

We at Prime Advantage live by a strong code and core belief system. This belief system cements the pillars of our business, fuels each of our employees and touches every one of our customers. We know that if we stay true to our beliefs, and continue to build the right partnerships, we can have a profound impact in the mid-market manufacturing arena.

We believe in unity and alliance; that through collaboration, each of us can accomplish more as a group than as a stand-alone company; that we all have a common goal. We believe in emergence; that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; and that it's possible to rewrite the laws of mathematics so that 1+1 can equal three.

We believe that through professional and personal development, we can take a sledgehammer to outdated molds and redefine what is possible; that through our relentless pursuit we can achieve greatness, ignite progress and advance the world. We believe there are better ways of doing business; and that if we share these processes and educate each other, we can all prosper to reach a new potential.

We believe in manufacturing. And we shout and advocate for it from the tops of towers and cranes throughout North America. We believe in its resiliency. And in its quality and innovative products. We believe partnering with the right Suppliers will create the most efficient and profitable manufacturing economy possible; something revolutionary, something the world has yet to see. We believe in ethical and reliable conduct and in having fun while doing it.

We believe that there is safety and security in numbers and that an army marching as one will be more victorious than one lone soldier. We believe in having each other's backs and supporting one another and in providing additional eyes and ears so no one gets blindsided.

But most of all we believe in people and in long-term partnerships. We believe in building relationships from the foundation, all the way up to the rooftop, and in never missing a commitment or breaking a promise. We believe in recognizing and celebrating achievements and in making sure people know how valued they truly are. We believe in saving time, so we can spend the surplus on the things and people who matter most. We believe our group is a family.



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