Business Roundtable and Benchmarking Session Topics

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 — 4pm-5pm — Daytona

Supplier Risk Mitigation

Choosing a supplier has inherent risk. A strong sourcing process mitigates that risk, and incorporating risk into your current metrics can help ensure that suppliers coming into your organization can meet your needs. Discuss what works best for you as well as areas you'd like to improve.

Lack of skilled workers and the impact on Health & Safety

The combination of Human Resource departments being scaled down along with the shortage of trained skilled workers can impact your business from a health and safety standpoint. How does your company handle the hiring and training of workers and maintain above average health and safety performance.

How do you audit Business Agreement?

Business agreements come in many forms, both formal and informal. What are your expectations and requirements when forming business agreements? How do you audit aspects such as the legal, ethical, and moral obligations? What works best for you when creating and auditing agreements?

Sourcing Innovation

For a company to be innovative it must have a culture of innovation. How can Purchasing help steer innovation for your company?

Generational Differences in the Workplace

Baby Boomers:
born between 1946-1962
Generation Y:
born between 1981-1994
Generation X:
born between 1963-1980
Generation Z:
born between 1995-2009

We live in interesting times with interesting people. Most organizations have employees from all four of these birth groups, and all are different, as we know. What's it like in your company? Any challenges? How do you address?


Key metrics that drive Procurement's success

There are a host of metrics that purchasing professionals track to drive success. Discuss which work best for your organization. What macro and micro data is valuable to you?

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