Engineering Focus Sessions

Engineering Focus Sessions Agenda

The Engineering Focus Sessions will address critical and forward thinking topics, breakthrough technology, and state-of-the-art design ideas that will enhance your everyday genius.

The agenda is planned by engineers from our Member Companies. The Engineering Focus Sessions will run concurrently with Member and Endorsed Supplier one-on-one sessions at Spring Conference 2017.

Featured Sessions and Speakers

Cyber Security: Assure Security While Maximizing Functionality

Marcel HillMarcel Hill
Senior Director
IoT, Cyber-Security, and Software Assurance, Intertek

Inherent to connected products is their ability to work with other connected protects, providing increased functionality to the user. But as more products are connected within the ecosystem along with adding remote functionality, the risk to leaving your IoT product vulnerable to cyber-attacks is compounded.

It is incumbent on all manufacturers of IoT products to ensure they are not the weakest link in the ecosystem; allowing unsecured entries to breach into other connect products in the system. Hackers may not want the data your product collects, but they may desperately want the data that your product is connected to.

Additionally, just because you can add functionality to a product that can be implemented remotely, should you? Exploring the security risks upfront during product design and development is imperative.

As a Trailblazer at Intertek for services addressing the Internet of Things and Software Solutions, Marcel brings 20+ years of experience in progressive manufacturing, engineering, operations, and technical leadership in highly regulated environments to manufacturers and retailers alike.

Marcel guides teams comprised of Software Engineers, Sales, Quality, Logistics, EH&S, and Customer Service members, using First-hand knowledge and experience to aid in effective decision-making and the cultivation of sustainable partnerships. He is responsible for customer-focused Internet of Thing (IoT) solutions designed to offer global brands a comprehensive scope of Cyber-Security, Software QA, Safety Compliance, Performance, and Certification services.

Significant Achievements

  • Responsible for global strategy development and deployment for IoT, Cyber-Security, Software QA Solutions.
  • Managed day-to-day operations of multiple ISO 17025-accredited testing labs, overseeing strategic direction of global laboratories and regularly interacting with clients.
  • Solution development ranging from Smart Grid to connected consumer products and beyond.
  • Established and implemented the NA Operational Excellence System and implemented KPI visibility tools to highlight process interruptions for quicker resolution.

Education and Professional Certifications

  • Master of Business Operations and Finance (MBA) - Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL
  • Bachelor of Science in Technical Management - DeVry University, Chicago, IL
  • Associates of Applied Science, Electronics Technology - DeVry Institute of Technology
  • LEAN Six Sigma Certified - Villanova University

Consider It Solved: Refrigeration in Foodservice and Food Retail Industries

Don NewlonDon Newlon
Vice President Marketing and General Manager of Integrated Products, Emerson Refrigeration
Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions

Understand related stakeholders’ pain points in Foodservice and Food Retail Industries, as well as how those stakeholders’ refrigeration needs could be met from product, system, service, regulation, technology, and economical standpoints.

Don Newlon has been leading strategic change in the HVAC/R industry for 23 years, with career highlights spanning US and international marketing, product management, and general management.  With a core background in engineering, Don has brought executive leadership to one of the Emerson's most successful global growth platforms - Cold Chain.

Today, Don leads the development and execution of refrigeration marketing, customer and technology initiatives, and technical and educational services. Don has been instrumental in steering many of Emerson’s key initiatives, including launching Emerson’s first Copeland Scroll™ compressors in transportation and refrigeration; overseeing the development and promotion of Glacier scroll and Copeland Discus™ platforms; providing general management for the CopelandBitzer joint venture; and leading product and channel market management in residential and commercial air conditioning for the rapidly growing Asia Pacific region. Don holds a BSME from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

What Changes Can We Expect From the New Administration - Regulations and Trade

Joan SterlingJoan Sterling
Vice President of Government Affairs, Intertek

Joan Sterling is the Vice President of Government Affairs for Intertek. Her responsibilities include representing Intertek to federal agencies, manufacturers’ trade associations, and members of Congress in the United States. Additionally she is responsible for representing Intertek in the Americas region and the European Union. Her office is located in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Sterling currently represents Intertek on a number of standards and policy committees such as the U.S. National Committee to the IEC (Council), USNC Vice-Chair Finance, IEC Working Groups, ANSI Policy Committees, Co-Chair National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Conformity Assessment and International Standards Task Force, Chair International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) US Working Group.

In 1990, Ms. Sterling joined Intertek (formerly Inchcape/ETL) and held the position of General Manager for a large electrical, photometric and telecommunications testing operation in the United States before she was promoted to Director of Government Relations. Prior to that she held engineering, sales and marketing management positions with Rockwell International (Measurement and Flow Control Group), Michelin Tire Corporation, and Emhart Corporation (Farrel - Connecticut Division).

Ms. Sterling currently serves on the Board of Directors of IFIA Americas, and has previously served on the Board of Directors of ANSI, the Board of Directors of A2LA, and as the US alternate representative to the IEC CAB.

Ms. Sterling is a founding member, and current President, of the Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance.  SDCA is a civic association whose mission is to preserve the historic character and quality of life of the area, while supporting the interests of the neighborhood’s residents and homeowners. SDCA is active in regulatory matters that impact the neighborhood’s residents.

Ms. Sterling is a graduate of Clarkson College of Technology where she earned a B.S. degree in Industrial Management with a minor in Chemistry.

Understanding Fasteners and Installation Methods... Dramatically Improve Reliability and "Uptime"

Bob LundBob Lund
Director of Engineering, Fastenal Co.

Bob is the Director of Engineering for Fastenal’s National Accounts Group.  His team of 20+ engineers are spread regionally across the country.  Bob has been with Fastenal for 17 years in and has served in roles dealing with specially manufactured fasteners and machined parts as well as customer application engineering.  Bob has served on the Research Council for Structural Connections committee as well as subcommittee work on Fasteners for ASTM.  He is currently serving on SAE and ASME fastener committees.  Previous to joining Fastenal, Bob worked as an engineer for the Signicast Company for three years and was a professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering for 14 years.  His degrees are from the University of Wisconsin Stout and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. 

Since there are almost no engineers that have any exposure to fasteners while in college, Bob has made training a big part of his role for industry as a whole.  In addition to hundreds of customer specific training seminars around the world over the past several years, Bob has conducted dozens of Fastener Training Seminars around North America that are open to all who are interested.  Thousands of engineers have been through these highly regarded fastener seminars.

Maximizing Performance of Human Capital
(Session 1)

Eileen StephensEileen Stephens
Culture Index

In this highly interactive presentation, Eileen Stephens will review how 7 innate traits relate to the success or demise of a person’s role in an organization. Understanding these traits will help Members:

  • Make confident decisions when hiring, getting A players in the organization and build the bench
  • Understand various motivations and how it pertains to behaviors and performance
  • Eliminate bad hires to save time, money and headaches 
  • Increase the ROI of their Human Capital
  • Keep your top talent

You will have an opportunity to complete a short survey yourself as well as 10-20 people in your organization. Ideally some employees that are doing very well in their role and some that might be struggling with their role. We will review real people in their jobs and show how statistically to predict success in any position.  Bring your toughest cases!  What and who keeps you up at night.

Bring an issue you want to tackle.

You will learn to select the right traits for the role making hiring less threatening and much more successful with high performers. The presentation will show how to make the right human capital decisions.

The discussion will include managing, motivating and promoting the right people for the right jobs.

Value to You: You will leave with real solutions to understanding your Human Capital. Whether discussing identifying, hiring, managing, motivating, or promoting we will show how understanding traits, behaviors and how they relate to performance is critical for success.

Working and Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workplace
(Session 2)

Eileen Stephens
Culture Index

We’re now facing a workplace where you might be working with people ranging from 18 to 80 in the workplace.

This has huge implications for you in terms of managing and motivating needs and expectations of Millennials, Generation X and the Baby Boomers.

In this presentation, you will get tips for facilitating communication and how to motivate the different generations.

You will learn how to utilize all your workforce and facilitate the transfer of knowledge as Baby Boomers retire.

Eileen Stephens has spent 20+ years in consulting, sales and marketing leadership.  She has firsthand knowledge of the difference an A player can make on a team.  By capitalizing on human strengths and innate traits and properly designing a team, an organization will achieve growth objectives.  Having the right people in the right jobs brings success and growth.

Eileen Stephens has a B.S. from the University of Tulsa with a double major in Marketing and Management.

*more session information will be available as speakers confirm!
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