Booth Info

The one-on-one Member and Supplier meetings will be held in Supplier Booths at the Spring Conference 2017 in Jacksonville, FL. Each booth will be 10ft wide x 8ft deep with an 8 foot tall drape on each side.

 Download Booth Roster

Each booth space will include:

  • Sign with Supplier’s name and booth number
  • 6’x2’ draped table
  • Two chairs
  • Waste basket
  • Shared power outlets
  • Wireless internet connection in the meeting room

*Extra chairs will be available in the meeting room

Booth Diagram

Arata Expositions is our booth provider for Spring Conference 2017.
If you need additional furniture or accessories for your booth, please contact:

Melinda Collins


Frequently asked questions:

When can I set up my booth?
The meeting space will be open for Suppliers to decorate/set up the booth throughout Tuesday. 

What is my booth number? 
As we get closer to the conference, booth layout with company name and booth assignments will be posted on our website.

Can I bring pop-ups or other accessories we use for trade shows?
If your object fits in the booth size described above, yes you can.  For shipping information, please check our shipping instructions link on the conference website.


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